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Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee

Comes from crops with rigorous practices and techniques, caring for the product to be obtained as well as the
protection and preservation of the surrounding environment, as it seeks a clean superior cup filled of qualities
(attributes). The origin: (where the coffee was grown), is the first data that should be known. Clean water
sources are very important, quantity and quality of fertilizers and /or fungicides, which must be controlled and
provided with special care, according to established standards, or non-chemicals for organics. It is also very
important: the type of crops, variety, the benefit process, waste and leachate treatment, and other techniques
of care, working towards a total environmental protection, together with the treatment and fair pay for pickers
(collectors) and farm workers, or the respect for the ethnic groups of each coffee producing region. All this
complemented with direct trade, and specialized roasting processes by professional roasters. We might say that
there are different kinds of specialty coffee: Organic, shade grown, SHG, fair trade, conservation, social, ethnic,
Certified among others.

Specialty coffee is a symphony of cultivation and care, where each sip echoes the commitment to quality, ethics, and the tapestry of stories that converge in every cup

With every sip of coffee, one imbibes a narrative that is born from meticulous cultivation practices and an unwavering commitment to ethical stewardship. The journey of specialty coffee is not a mere tale of bean to cup; rather, it’s a saga of dedication, precision, and the profound interplay between nature and nurture.

From its very inception, specialty coffee is nurtured by a collection of practices and techniques that are woven into the fabric of its existence. The journey begins with the earth itself—the soil, the climate, the altitude—a symphony of factors that lay the foundation for a remarkable cup. But beyond the soil, it’s the meticulous care that renders the product truly exceptional. It’s an embrace of practices that safeguard not only the quality of the coffee but also the environment that cradles its growth.

Central to this story is the coffee’s origin, the very heart of its identity. Understanding where the coffee was cultivated is akin to knowing the birthplace of a revered artist. It’s the genesis of its character and flavor profile. But the journey extends further, encompassing the very elements that sustain life—clean water sources that nurture the coffee trees, the precise application of fertilizers and fungicides, adhering to stringent standards for quality and sustainability. For those who tread the path of organic coffee, this journey takes on an even more profound significance—a commitment to nurturing the earth’s vitality without compromising on quality.