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A Good Blend for Espresso

Coffee is a language in itself.
- Jackie Chan

In new consumer trends, single origins have gained a privileged position in the consumption of coffee lovers. Different profiles prepared in all kinds of alternative systems of extraction, satisfy the taste of consumers; but when it comes to espresso, a drink with more than a century of history, many new baristas, don’t have the knowledge of what a well-made espresso means. Many have dedicated themselves only in perfecting the times, the grinding sizes, the tamping techniques, the best possible machine, and preparation procedures in general which off course are very important; but they have forgotten the most important: The raw material, which leads to the final achievement of the perfect drink. Single origin specialty coffees usually have unique and outstanding characteristics within their exclusive unique profile. These characteristics with good preparation will highlight in the different methods, but they cannot complement each other to produce the ideal espresso. It is very hard to obtain a balanced flavored espresso with a single origin coffee.

A true espresso must be like an orchestra in which all the instruments can be identified, while maintaining the unity of the whole orchestra. So, a good espresso should be a complex and consistent drink, but balanced in aroma, flavor, acidity, body and all its characteristics.

A good espresso blend in its composition should produce a drink concentrated in dissolved solids that should be rich in flavors, in such a way that the explosion of sensations in the mouth produces the expected satisfaction and aftertaste in the sensorial perception system.
From our Blend a good barista will obtain an aromatic, sweet espresso, with medium acidity, a compact silky body, and a lasting aftertaste with perfect balance among its different attributes, that even when in milk-based drinks, it will mix perfectly with harmony, forming a pleasant drink while remaining the protagonist.